Body Doubling for Introverts

Mar 7, 2024

In a world designed for extroverted personalities, introverts often find themselves navigating spaces and situations that can drain their energy.

Whether it's attending crowded events, participating in group projects, or simply working in open-plan offices, introverts often seek ways to find solace and focus in environments that seem tailored for extroverted preferences. One strategy that has gained traction among introverts seeking to boost their productivity and maintain their comfort is the concept of virtual "body doubling."

Body Doubling is a sneaky (but scientifically-backed!) way to trick yourself into staying on task. You work in community with other people who are also trying to achieve their goals. Based on the principle of mirroring, it helps you stay focused, and can also improve mood and motivation. It is especially helpful for tasks that are potentially frustrating… or things that you just don't want to do.

But… what if you're an introvert?

For introverts, the presence of another person can provide a comforting sense of companionship without the pressure of social interaction.

Unlike traditional offices, where interaction is often expected or even mandated, body doubling allows introverts to work alongside someone else while maintaining their focus on their own tasks. This can be particularly helpful for introverts who thrive in quiet, solitary environments but may occasionally crave the presence of another person for motivation or reassurance.

Knowing that someone else is nearby, even if they are not actively involved in the task at hand, can create a sense of external accountability — even if you don't actually talk to them 😅

What makes focused introvert-friendly?

Ever since the pandemic, we've all become aware of "Zoom Fatigue."

Zoom Fatigue can usually be attributed to the significant pressure to perform, limited opportunities to recharge, and the need to show up on-camera (and smiling, even if you don't feel like it... 😫)

At focused, we encourage you to show up however you want. Here are six ways that we've designed focused to be introvert-friendly:

  1. Camera-on, or camera-off — you decide what you feel like that day. We're always happy to see your face, but nobody takes it personally if you don't feel like being seen! Turn it off, guilt-free.

  2. Engage with others on your terms — feel free to respond to the host and other community members in the chat if you want, or simply ignore it and enjoy the ambient experience of structure and support without saying a word. No need to interact if you don't feel like it.

  3. Enjoy an optional 1:1 relationship with your host — you can share your goals directly with your host if you want to have a deeper connection with just them and no one else. And even that is optional 😊

  4. Leave the sessions whenever you want — every session is drop-in and drop-out! You don't even need to say goodbye, you can simple duck out whenever you've had enough.

  5. Take plenty of breaks — we build tons of breaks into the sessions. Step away from the computer, make yourself a cup of tea, and recharge!

  6. Maintain your privacy — this one isn't just for introverts, but it's worth stating: we're serious about our data privacy policy. We'll never sell, or even share any information about you without your permission. We don't believe in that!

Overall — focused is a low-pressure, accepting, and flexible community, and we want everyone to show up exactly how they want. That's why we offer so many options for how you can engage, and we expect that how you want to show up may change depending on the day.

We aren't here to force you into an awkward social experience, only to help provide some structure and motivation in the background to keep you moving.

If you want to enjoy a supportive, guilt-free, and cozy digital co-working environment, consider giving focused a try.

We can't wait to see — or not see! 😝 — you in a session very soon.