One writer's honest review of focused.

May 20, 2022

focused got a really lovely mention in Sam Dylan Finch’s ADHD Survival Guide. Sam is a writer, ADHD expert, and positive psychology practitioner who is passionate about queer joy.

"Many of us began working remotely [during the pandemic], which surely has advantages, but also happens to be the place we’re most likely to get distracted," writes Sam. “For me personally, I hit a wall this past year known as ‘ADHD burnout’…a cycle of overcommitting, underdelivering, and anxious-avoidance that results in shame, depression, and exhaustion for so many ADHDers.”

The blog covers a number of tools that Sam uses to maintain focus and productivity, and we are, of course, so excited to be on that list. Sam says focused “has been immensely helpful in shaping my mornings” and that “the extra layer of accountability has been a huge help in getting me going every day.”

“It’s a supportive, thoughtful, and caring community,” Sam says of focused, and we could not agree more! Come join us!

Of course, we’re just one of several tools Sam covers, so be sure to check out the article: ADHD Survival Guide