Amy Voros

Executive Function Coach
What are your areas of interest?

Feeling more in control of the day-over-day of their lives.

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Practice what you preach or believe is important: for me that's the process of self-understanding and using that to move towards optimizing outcomes that we set for ourselves. Whether it's feeling more in control of your schedule and calendar demands or finding ways to take care of yourself that work with the time and energy that you have. Looking at your life with the acronym --A CAAR- Awareness, Clarity, Alignment, Actions, and Results--what are you doing? Most of us want to start at action and results with out getting clear about the problem and if our solutions will work for our lives! Using that we'll clarify, test, and evaluate different solutions in a cycle of getting you closer to what is important today and in the long run.

What do you recommend to help clients focus on their work?

Not realizing that taking a break may be the best way to be more efficient. But a lot of us worry that we won't come back to "the thing" if we take one. To counteract this, leave yourself beadcrumbs-make a note of what you were doing (or leave the file open with a sticky and a note about the task) but also decide on the next step for when you come back!

What do you love about working with your clients?

Normalizing our experiences, but also seeing people realize over time that things have changed! I get to bring myself to work that includes sometimes showing up as a real adhd person who is having an off day! But it also takes the pressure off performing for both me and my clients.

What is a superpower folks with ADHD have?

Intense drive and focus when we're passionate about something. We can also be extremely persistent--especially when hyper-focus kicks in. The best way to enhance these traits though is to manage your energy!

How would you describe your unique style of working with clients?

Don't try harder, try different. I've got a huge amount of empathy for anyone dealing with ADHD and other complex medical problems because of my own. I use a combination of normalizing, sharing experience, doing things in the moment, and coaching to help you figure out what works for you. You're more motivated when the plan is your own but you've got the support to feel like you'll get there!

What does mental wellbeing mean to you?

Having the energy and the focus to do what you want when you want! Not being so overwhelmed or anxious that you're frozen on the couch.


International Coach Federation (ICF) PCC with InviteChange

Tiny Habits(r) Coach with Tiny Habits Academy

Currently working on a Well Coaches Health Coaching Certification

Coaching Teens and College Students JST-Youth ADHD Coaching

ImpactParents Sanity School Trainer

Client Expertise

ADHD & AU/HD adults and older students, 2E, other forms of neurodivergent & creative thinkers

Treatment Approach

Normalizing, sharing experience, doing things in the moment, and coaching to help you figure out what works for you.