Henry Zhu

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed in

New York

What are your areas of interest?

Culturally sensitive care, Racial Identity/Trauma/Stress, Anxiety and Depression culminating in C-PTSD, Trauma & Complex Trauma, Interpersonal ruptures and Repair, People Pleasing, Perfectionism, Self-Sabotage.

Best way for potential clients to contact you


Hey! I'm a 2nd gen Chinese-American Psychologist in NY. I specialize in working with individuals who have anxiety, depression, or trauma. These mental health concerns may show up like inattention, procrastination, burnout, people-pleasing, or self-destructive behaviors. Most of my clients are at the intersection of BIPOC folx, trauma/intergenerational trauma, and male. My practice, Mind-Body Wellness encapsulates how I work with clients and how I see trauma work - it requires cognitive, somatic, and self-care techniques to enable healing.

What is a superpower folks with anxiety have?

The ability to "give a shit" and to follow through on tasks - anxiety is not the enemy, it's just a smoke alarm that may be too sensitive to the environment. I've dealt with my own anxiety for decades, and I've learned to discern when anxiety is helpful and when I can let it go.

What do you love about working with your clients?

When clients realize their full potential and can identify their strengths and resiliency. My clients make the most progress when they're tired of the way they've been living, tired of survival mode, and wanting to accept themselves as they are. I'm most joyed when I can reflect back the progress they've made and you see the look of surprise and then acceptance.

What does mental wellbeing mean to you?

For me, it's balance. Don't get me wrong, we don't need complete balance. We don't need to reach a "point" where we're finally ok. Wellbeing can be as simple as recognizing the little wins when you're always critical of yourself. It can be making small bits of progress when everything seems so difficult. It can be compassion to oneself when no one else seems to care.


Ph.D. in Psychology from Hofstra University

Client Expertise

18+, Young adults and Adults, BIPOC

Treatment Approach

CBT, DBT, ACT, ERP, CPT. Trauma-focused and informed.