Janina Elbert Maschke

ADHD Coach
What are your areas of interest?

ADHD, Autism, Executive Functioning Skills

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Dr. Janina Elbert Maschke has a PhD in psychology and is an ADHD and Executive Functioning coach. Her extensive education has taken her across various countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and an Australian University, enriching her practice with a global perspective.

Diagnosed with ADHD at 26, she has since shared her personal journey and helping others understand ADHD and gain a deeper understanding of psychology through social media (adhd_empowerment_coaching), newsletters, and blogs, offering valuable support and insights to others facing similar challenges or to better understand their loved ones.

Motivated by her diagnosis, Dr. Janina has devoted herself to becoming an expert in ADHD, continuously expanding her knowledge and experiences. She passionately shares her expertise to help others navigate their own paths with the condition.

In addition to her client work, Dr. Janina holds roles as a Subject Matter Expert collaborating with universities nationwide, conducting comprehensive research, and publishing numerous peer-reviewed papers.

What do you recommend to help clients focus on their work?

One challenge people often face when trying to focus is task paralysis due to overwhelm and perfectionism. To combat this, I often recommend my clients the Pomodoro Technique. This involves breaking work into short, timed intervals, which can help alleviate the pressure of perfectionism and make tasks feel more manageable.

What is a superpower of people with ADHD?

One superpower that individuals with ADHD often possess is their creativity and resilience.

What do you love about working with clients?

What I love most about working with my clients is witnessing their growth and progress. Seeing them overcome challenges, develop new skills, and gain confidence in themselves is incredibly rewarding. Building strong relationships with my clients and being able to support them on their journey to success brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

Why do you refer clients to focused space?

I refer clients to Focused Space for its supportive environment and resources tailored to improve focus and productivity. It offers structured support, expert guidance, and community accountability, complementing the strategies we work on during coaching sessions.


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