Jenna Free

Canadian Certified Counselor
What are your areas of interest?


Best way for potential clients to contact you

Hi! I’m Jenna Free and I work with clients with ADHD. I take a unique approach and my aim is for you to not only be able to get things done but to enjoy the process of life! Having ADHD shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying life :)

What is a superpower folks with ADHD have?

Making connections and coming up with unique solutions to problems. 

How would you describe your unique style of working with clients?

I focus on making deeper, internal changes to make life work better with ADHD instead of focusing on tools and tips.

What do clients say about working with you?

"I really feel like I’ve seen more benefit in the past few weeks with you than I have in a few years of therapy. I love that there are tangible things I can do that don’t feel like homework.” 

What do you love about working with your clients?

We have a lot of a-ha moments together!


Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Client Expertise

Adults, Couples, ADHD

Treatment Approach

CBT, DBT, ACT, Polyvagal Theory, and a focus on Self Regulation.