Marcy Caldwell

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed in

All states except for AK, AZ, CA, HI, MA, MT, NM, OR, IA, LA

What are your areas of interest?

We offer therapy, assessment, and coaching dedicated to helping neurodiverse adults thrive

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As a psychologist specializing in ADHD, I learned early on how hard it can be to access quality, ADHD-informed care. Which is why I developed The Center for ADHD, a psychology practice united by a single purpose: to transform the narrative of adult ADHD.

We offer cutting-edge, science-backed treatments that raise the bar of care for neurodiverse adults while also providing thought-leading clinical education programs that change the conversation around adult ADHD and its value in our society.

Our goal is to champion those with ADHD, partnering with them to make the world work for them rather than against them. Together, we can help unlock their potential and create a better world for everyone.

What is a superpower folks with ADHD have?

Superpower can be a loaded term in the ADHD world because the struggle and suffering is very real.  But I love celebrating the amazing things that ADHD brains are naturally wired for, like: enthusiasm, big-picture thinking, novel problem-solving, creativity, and intuition.

What is a superpower folks with anxiety have?

Anxiety makes you aware which, like ADHD, can make you more able to intuit subtle information and catch details others would miss.

What challenges do people face when they are trying to focus and what is one strategy you recommend to your clients?

There are 2 types of distraction that most people struggle with: Internal and External.  External distractions like noises, notifications, people etc are usually best dealt with through avoidance and blockers while internal distraction (thoughts, feelings, impulses etc) are best dealt with by managing the regulatory stores of our brains which are best done with 6 things: sleep, exercise, nutrition, medication, meditation and connection.

What do you love about working with your clients?

I love the energy, enthusiasm, and big picture thinking of ADHD brains.  I think ADHD brains have a unique magic that the neurotypical world is desperately in need of.

Why do you refer clients to focused?

For dedicated time and space to attend to the planning and execution of executive functioning heavy tasks.


University of Pennsylvania, BA in Psychology

Widener University, MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Client Expertise

We work with adults with ADHD and have particular subspecialties in working with: Women with ADHD, Trauma and ADHD, Neurodivergent LGTBQ+ folks, ADHD Couples and Sex Therapy and ADHD Parent Coaching.

Treatment Approach

We offer therapy, assessment, and coaching dedicated to helping neurodiverse adults thrive