Melanie Hayes

Licensed Psychotherapist
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What are your areas of interest?

Neurodivergence, Coping Skills, Self Esteem/Self Efficacy, 2e/Gifted, ADHD, Anxiety, Education and Learning Disabilities, Life Transitions, Partnerships, Parenting, Peer Relationships, Relationship Issues, Work/School Issues, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma, LGBTQIA Issues, Women's Issues, Elder Issues

Best way for potential clients to contact you

I am a neurodivergent person who specializes in supporting our community through radical acceptance, activism, and outreach. My life's work has been to help neurodivergent, gifted, and twice exceptional (2e) persons find their niche and work to their strengths. I want a world where we can have our gifts recognized and our needs met.

What do you recommend to help clients focus on their work?

I think that trauma (often from the daily chronic stressors of living as a marginalized person) can impact your ability to have a fulfilling life. I work with clients to recognize how their experiences impact their choices and begin to change how they interact with the world to come from a place of empowerment.

What is a superpower of people with ADHD?

I know many neurodivergent people don't like the "superpower" label, but ADHD is usually part of an exceptionally creative brain that sees the world differently and can find solutions to problems before most people recognize there is a problem (unless you restrict them with the cage of traditional learning or mindset).

What is a superpower of people with anxiety?

Empathy, awareness of our interconnectedness to everything.

What do you love about working with clients?

I love my community. I am proud to be neurodivergent and I want all of us to be able to love ourselves and find joy in living as a unique individual.

Why do you refer clients to focused space?

I think that many neurodivergent people struggle to find community and need support and encouragement to do the exponentially hard work of making our world a better fit for our community.


MA Gifted Education from Saint Mary’s College of California

MA Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro University

EdD Educational Leadership with a focus on twice exceptionality from Saint Mary’s College of California

Client Expertise

Neurodivergent and 2e adults and young adults, LGBTQIA, Body Positivity, Non-Binary/Gender Fluid, Non-Conforming, Open Relationships/Non-Monogamy/Poly, Sex-Positive, Kink, Feminist/Empowerment, Marginalized/Disempowered

Treatment Approach

I am a radical acceptance therapist and I primarily use narrative therapy to help clients explore their past stories and reshape their future. I use a range of modalities (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, DBT, Rogerian, Psychodynamic, Humanistic) to help clients grow, change, and meet their goals.

I never judge or consider myself an expert in someone's life. I use my knowledge and skills to help clients recognize their strengths and meet their own goals, whatever that may be.