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Burnout makes employees 2.6X more likely to quit — and replacing them?! It typically costs between $4000 and $20000 to recruit and train a new employee.

Employees are 51% less burned out with focused space.

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It's really easy for me to get distracted by co-workers, email and all the other ways. With focused space I have this dedicated time to a specific task or project and I make way more progress. I'm so happy I found this community!

Jenn P.

I’ve done so many things this week that blew me away, I don’t know that I have ever felt this motivated and capable.

I am literally just a week in and already see the difference.

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Mark R.

It's done wonders for my productivity (obviously) but my mental health and level of self-awareness has also improved so much in such a short time span. So again, really appreciate you and your incredible hosts whom I ADORE.

Christine S.

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