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Glen Lubert

Glen is the founder of Stamina Lab, which helps individuals improve energy, focus, and resilience through data-informed sleep and health coaching. Before that, Glen founded an award-winning, multi-million dollar tech incubator in the health and medical industry.

As a serial tech entrepreneur, Glen experienced first hand how much poor sleep can impact your health, decision-making, and relationships. To solve that problem, Glen leverages behavior design to help teams and individuals who want to take their professional and personal performance to the next level while improving their sleep, reducing stress, avoiding burnout, having more energy, and dropping into flow.

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We meet on video, but it's introvert-friendly. You can interact with our hosts and other members in the chat if you want, but it isn’t required.


What past participants are saying about focused

Planning is intimidating and this was short and sweet 🙂

It was such a calming meeting. Planning for me is not something new. But it was the first time I planned my week in an interesting way — I really liked the simplicity. From now on I will pay attention to learning ways to support myself during the week.

I really loved the incorporation of the mini meditation and the practical tips for creative planning — such a great way to start the week

I loved the positive energy and how well thought out everything was!

Organized, warm, the right amount of info for the time, really well done and brought a sense of easeful focus to my day.

I loved the structured facilitation, the music, the opportunity to connect with each other, the mindfulness aspect, the emphasis on a more holistic life — leaving time for reflection and recharge.

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Many of us have been taught that the way to improve is by letting our inner critic run the show. However, research shows that this is not the case. At focused, we inspire and motivate each other, and find ways to build joy and creativity into our days.

We’ve helped thousands of people tackle big projects at work, get their dream job, launch companies, learn instruments, do their taxes, finish creative projects…and even get to Inbox Zero!

To support you, our team brings expertise in habit formation, productivity tools and techniques, meditation and mindfulness, project management, executive coaching, and more. We care deeply about each member of our community and bringing out the best in people.

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